5 Reasons To Hire A Travel Agent In 2024!

In today’s world of self booking websites and ai powered itineraries the idea of working with and hiring a travel agent may seem outdated. However, it’s really the ultimate choice for saving time, stress and in most cases money. Working with a person who cares about your travels as much as you do will enhance your travel experience. This is a completely different level of engagement from booking with a faceless and nameless online booking engine.

In this post, I’m going to talk about why working with an independent travel agent like myself can help you and make your travels even better. I’ll include my own personal experiences working with my own travel agent and how it revolutionized my travel and ultimately got me to start my own travel business.

Let’s cover the top 5 reasons you should consider hiring an independent travel agent like myself to book your next trip.

**The Quick Recap **

  1. Expert Knowledge and Insights
  2. Stress Free Planning
  3. Exclusive Access and Perks
  4. Personalized Itineraries
  5. Personalized Support and Assistance

Now let’s go into how you the traveler benefits from working with an agent in more detail!

#1 Expert Knowledge and Insights

Travel agents spend hours learning the ins and outs of their trade, a.k.a selling travel. This means they’ve attended webinars, live trainings, on location and remote trainings in order to learn all about the resorts, castles, beaches and cruise ships they help you book on your vacations. Many agents speak from their own first hand experience from various destinations. This could range from adventure packed excursions in exotic locations to historical tours lead by locals in far off lands. Or this could simply be knowing which cruise ship will have the best vibe for you the would be cruiser so you don’t end up on a party boat when really all you want to do is relax and soak up the sun. The agent speaks from a place of experience and knowledge as someone trusted by the travel vendors to speak to you on their behalf to assist you in your decision making process.

— My Experience —

In 2019, I was determined to take a cruise. I even put a deposit down of a whole $75. Though I had zero idea of how cruises worked. What should I bring on this cruise? What is an excursion? Do I need it is it included? How does food work on the boat? I had heard SOO many myths about cursing and I believed them. I also had only heard of 3 companies and I assumed because of their commercials on the TV they were the only 3 companies that existed…

Well as we all know COVID happened and then the world went on that extended pause for some time.

Fast forward to 2022 and I went on an AMAZING land and sea Alaskan cruisetour. I boarded my plane to start a land experience in Alaska before boarding my cruise ship for an amazing voyage from Anchorage, Alaska to Vancouver, British Columbia.  This tour was curated, booked and 100% happened because of the support of my AMAZING agent. She helped me figure out the BEST way to experience Alaska (Which is by land and sea FYI), helped me understand the different kinds of excursions available and helped me pick the cruise company that matched my personality 100%. That trip changed the way I viewed planning and experiencing  a vacation.

#2 Stress-Free Planning

Depending on the trip you’re trying to plan, it can be overwhelming. When you start looking to book across multiple days requiring multiple bookings, reservations and the logistics to make sure you don’t double book, under book or completely MISS something, it can be A LOT. When you choose to work with a travel agent you take all the stress and overwhelm of planning this event and placed it squarely into the calm and capable hands of an experienced travel agent. A travel agent has the industry connections, frameworks and training to create your dream itinerary without YOU having to worry about it.

A travel agent will communicate with you each step of the quotation and booking process to make sure everything you want to do that’s available is booked. They will take into consideration your budget, your wishes and destination ideas creating the ultimate itinerary for you while you sit back, relax and wait to receive it.

— My Experience —

Let’s rollback to that life changing Alaskan cruise I took in 2022. I knew I wanted to go on a cruise. The world was opening up again after COVID and I wanted a huge way to celebrate my birthday as COVID crashed a milestone travel birthday. When I went to my agent I gave her three requirements.

  • I want to go on a cruise.
  • I want to go to Alaska.
  • I want to go to Glacier Bay.

I had tried to do my own research but had no idea, at the time, what North Bound, Southbound, Glacier Viewing, Fjord Journey, etc… but had NO idea what any of these things really meant. Much less trying to decipher some of the cruise companies maps and itineraries on my own.

It was part of why I sought out my agent. She made it all make sense in about 24 hours after meeting her an itinerary quote appeared for a land and sea tour, which I didn’t even realize was A THING, and I put down my deposit. 

Zero stress, zero trying to figure it out, zero worry. My agent took care of it all for me.

#3 Exclusive Access and Perks

provide you with the best experience. Sometimes those experiences can include special vender perks and specials only available to travel agents. Agents can help you get complimentary room upgrades, select VIP experiences  and more.

—My Experience —

My agent helped me get exclusive onboard credits to spend on an excursion. Booking through the regular company site would not have gotten me as many credits. I used those credits to pay for a great excursion on my cruise.

#4 Personalized Itineraries

Travel agents provide amazing personalized itineraries based on your exact preferences and interests. Just like you benefit from the agents extensive knowledge about their destinations and cruise ships. You’ll also benefit from their ability to craft the perfect itinerary. Unlike generic packages offered by many booking platforms, a travel agent takes the time to understand your needs and curate the unique itinerary based on your preferences. This could include activities, hotels, air, ground transport, and more.

—My Experience —

As a solo traveler and budget traveler I used to patch work together my trips. Let’s go to Spain, I said in 2016. I wanted to see a few things while I was there. Guernica by Pablo Picasso, the royal Palace in Madrid and the Pablo Picasso Museum in Barcelona. I went to Barcelona for 48 hours so this should have been doable.  And yet the ONE DAY I decided to go to Barcelona was the ONE DAY the museum was closed. It’s been over 6 years and I STILL have not made it to the museum. But I did see Guernica and the royal Palace (lol). Some day I’ll get back to Barcelona and see the museum for myself.

If I had used a travel agent back in 2016, I would have picked a different day to go to Barcelona and have gotten tickets to the museum prior to showing up. Because I didn’t know how to properly plan an itinerary in those early travel years I left a lot up to chance and a lot of possibly memories on the table. 

Working with an agent would have probably prevented that.

#5 Personalized Support and Assistance

When we travel we expect everything to go well. Perhaps even bought travel insurance in case things get a little rocky or something unpredictable happens. When you book your own trips and something happens you’re on your own. Adrift in the remains of your travel which has now come off the rails.  When you work with a travel agent and there’s an unexpected change or emergency you just make the call to the agent. Your agent will provide you with a means to contact them or a dedicated support team to assist you in getting things corrected. Your agent is there in your corner to help you navigate any challenges that might

In the event of unexpected changes or emergencies during your trip, having a travel agent on your side can be invaluable. With personalized support and assistance, you can navigate any challenges that arise with ease, knowing that you have a dedicated professional looking out for your best interests every step of the way. Working with an agent puts someone in your corner in the event of an emergency.

— My Experience —

The tale of two cancelations with the same vendor…

In 2023 I was supposed to go to Japan, I booked with an agent. In 2023 a friend of mine booked a trip to France, she booked directly with the vendor.

In March 2023, my beloved senior cat became ill and while he recovered the recovery was very expensive. I had to cancel my trip nearly 5 months after placing the deposit. 

Three weeks after making the deposit for their French trip, my friend had to cancel.

I placed a call to my agent and she handled it. Two 5 minute phone calls between us (one to explain and one to be told the outcome) and I had my travel credits in hand ready to place on another trip. I have no idea how long my agent was on the phone dealing with it.

My friend tried the online chat box, called in and spoke to various phone support and spent well over 3 hours in all just to be told they could not receive a refund or travel credits because of how they purchased their package.

When you work with an agent they provide support from the first moment you step in until you return home from your trip. They’re available to you to assist and aid you when something comes up.

Work with an agent and put someone who has your best interest at heart in your corner. Before I became a travel agent myself I did and it paid off.


When you work with an agent you’re putting someone in your corner who cares about your trip as much as they care about their own. The agent will work with you to craft the perfectly unique itinerary that has the human touch which in the era of technology is irreplaceable. Working with an agent is a great way to access exclusive perks and receive human support if and when you need it on your trip. 

Consider hiring a travel agent for your 2024 travel agent  and beyond.

Ready To Book Your Dream Trip With The Help Of An Agent Who Cares?